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The colors and shades of Jordan CP3 shoes will come to be wrapped up in the history of the Air Jordan everlastingly, without small quantity of Jordan leading models of shoes borrowing the blue pooled with white pairing. Generally, the Jordan CP3.VIII shoe was driven by the appreciation of Michael Jordan for the Ferrari, and also appears to progress further with those thoughts between the black or yellow emblem, the carbon fiber contacts, as well as the red body. Here are the comprehensive review of Jordan CP3.VIII basketball shoes and comparison of these CP3 shoes.

cp3 shoes chris paul cp3 shoes Jordan CP3 Shoes VIII Review and Is It Better Than CP3 Shoes VII? cp3 shoes chris paul


Podulite and a Zoom unit in Jordan CP3.VIII basketball shoes are in the position in pod form, like the IPS system in the CP3 VII version shoes. However, you must provide them some time to break-in, but as soon as that happens, you will get low, receptive cushion that looks after every step in all of your strike zones. This is one major part to be considered that is better than the CP3 VII version shoes.


The Jordan CP3.VIII basketball shoes had some of the finest grip ever accessible on a performance model. While earlier versions of the CP3 shoes are not fairly well in general, the CP3.VIII performs better such that one would offer it the credit for upon initial look. Jordan Brand employed a pretty good rubber and it is capable of performing perfectly on manifold court conditions and surfaces. The earlier CP3 VII version did not offer better outdoor performance when compared to that of the indoor performance. However, these CP3.VIII basketball shoes offer better performance both indoors and outdoors. As far as the grip is concerned, the CP3.VIII version offers better grip in all conditions and courts than the CP3 VII version.
cp3 shoes VIII cp3 shoes Jordan CP3 Shoes VIII Review and Is It Better Than CP3 Shoes VII? cp3 shoes VIII


Obviously, the material from which the Jordan CP3.VIII basketball shoes are made will differ by color. Some of these CP3 shoes with a particular color will feature synthetic materials, whereas others with some other colors will feature leather materials. However, the CP3 shoes made from leather are better than the synthetic made ones. The leather-made shoes not only offer a long-lasting life, but they also have side panels that are coated with what feel like rubber. This inserts toughness and support, which cannot be experienced in the CP3 VII version shoes. Everybody knows how much they feel affection for a shoe made of appropriate raw materials, and the CP3.VIII shoe manufacturer did just that and you can enjoy the heck with them.

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For a sneaker that is designed and styled, resembling a 1990’s age shoe, CP3.VIII basketball shoes are extremely well ventilated. There is nothing really outstanding, but the more perforated side panels in the CP3.VIII basketball shoes allow for more air to flow being comfortable at the same time as allowing heat to flee than in the CP3.VII shoes.


The Jordan CP3.VIII basketball shoes run accurate to size and lockdown is ideal. These shoes are available in all sizes and a variety of different colors. Though the CP3.VII shoes were also available in different colors and size, the variety was somewhat limited when compared to that of the CP3.VIII shoes.


By means of the improved fit and lockdown, the support in CP3.VIII basketball shoes has increased to a great extent. In these CP3 shoes, there is a Top thermoplastic urethane shank in position to offer the torsion support, so you are not actually lacking anything in any way when you consider the price of these shoes. Though this torsion support was also offered by the CP3.VII shoes, the CP3.VIII basketball shoes offer better support than its earlier version.


In any industry, products get improved due to growth in technology and the shoe industry is no exception. If you already have CP3 shoes of the last version, and if you buy the new model, CP3.VIII basketball shoes, you can personally feel the difference between the two. As the CP3.VIII basketball shoes are also prepared with the Flywire technology as that of its last model, when considering some important factors, such as the grip, support, durability, breathability, etc., it is better to use the CP3.VIII basketball shoes than the CP3.VII shoes.


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