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Why Low Top Basketball Shoes? Is It Safe to Play on Court?

low top basketball shoes

The type of shoes that a basketball player wears while he is playing has an important role in the quality of his performance. Some of the shoes will help him to run faster while some might enable him to jump a bit higher. The trend these days is that many basketball players prefer low top basketball shoes. These shoes have a lot of advantages and benefits. The tradition was to stick to high tops. This is because high tops help in preventing injuries to the ankle but recent studies have demonstrated that these basketball shoes can be just as safe as high tops.

Why Prefer Low Top Basketball Shoes?

Low top basketball shoes not only provide a modern look but they are also lighter and help the player to gain some extra speed on the basketball court. The weight of such basketball shoes is up to 20 percent lighter than the traditional high top shoes. This in turn helps the fatigue level of the player. This is because the player does not have to put a lot of effort to pick his feet up, thus there is more time on the court for the player.

There are three basic types of basketball footwear, they are high-tops, low- tops and mid- tops. When compared to high- tops and mid- tops, these basketball shoes are the lightest. This helps the players who are fast to capitalise on speed and also their quickness.

Are Low Top Basketball Shoes Safe?

These basketball shoes do not provide much ankle support. In basketball ankle injuries cannot be eradicated completely. While wearing the low top basketball shoes taking a few precautions can help in reducing risk of any injury related to the ankle. Taping of ankle can provide extra support while the player jumps and executes stops and starts which are very fast during the process of the game. If the player decides to use a tape he should prefer a strong athletic tape in order to support his ankle by wrapping the tape around his ankle and also under his foot.

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Make a Wise Selection

Before selecting your choice of basketball footwear think wisely. Because the type of footwear a player wears has a major role in the type of performance he gives on the basketball court. Low top basketball shoes have a lot of advantages of speed but they do not provide much ankle support. Thus, make sure you support your ankle sufficiently while wearing such basketball shoes.

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