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Before purchasing your best hiking socks, there are several criteria that have to be followed in order to make sure that you would be able to get your money’s worth. Being able to select the best hiking socks, means that you would be comfortable using it and the material would be able to withstand the test of time. So that your travel either for trail or mountain traveling will be one of the best trips to be remembered.

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5 Tips for getting the best Hiking Socks:

1.Select the hiking socks according to the hiking condition –  This means that you should get the socks, according to the type of hike you will be doing. If you will be hiking on warm conditions and easy trails, then lightweight hiking or backpacking socks would do. It would be able to handle the moisture and will also be able to provide comfort and worthwhile walking. These types of socks could be worn with or without liner socks and could provide extra cushioning.

2.Selecting mountaineering socks –  Mountaineering socks are usually designed for longer trips, they are thick, warm and provide more cushion than regular socks. They are best hiking socks for individuals who will go on long trips, and will walk through rough terrain and cold temperature. These types of socks should only be worn through tough treks and not in basic backpacking journeys.

3.Check the Material options

Another tip that has to be followed in order to be able to get the best hiking socks is to check the material options. For example, if the hiking socks are made of wool, it will be warm and provide cushion. But they must not be worn, if the trek would have many areas which are wet. This is because when older rag wool is used and has gotten wet, it is able to scratch the skin. It would be best to use new wool in order to prevent this type of problem.

Wool socks that are made of synthetic materials on the other hand are more durable and can provide faster drying. Hiking socks that are made from silk on the other hand provide comfort while at the same time being light. It is often used by individuals who want to have reliable moisture wicking.

Cotton material on the other hand, is not usually recommended for sock material for hiking. This is because cotton is able to absorb sweat, dries them up slowly and cannot provide insulation when already wet, when this is used for hiking it can lead to blister on the feet while trekking the trail.

4.Inspect for cushioning materials –  In order to be deemed the best hiking socks. The socks need to have proper cushioning materials. They need to have cushioning on the heel and the ball of the foot as well as the area in order to ensure that it will be comfortable.

5.Best hiking socks will include support materials –  In order to be able to function well, the hiking socks should contain support materials; it must contain either a stretch nylon or spandex in order to provide full support.

Even before purchasing the socks, ask if it is possible to test it on a quick walk in order to get a feel of the cushions and make sure to purchase the right size.


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